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Zan Headgear TL270 - SportFlex Series Motley Tube (Oak Break Up Country)

7.000 KD


Color: Oak Break Up Country
Materials: 87% Polyester, 13% Elastane


  • Made with the finest materials to offer premium quality
  • Unique design to help you show off your personal style
  • Built to provide the ultimate in convenience and functionality

ZANheadgear® was founded out of passion for motorcycles and the thrill of finding the next great outdoor adventure. The company has developed a wide array of high-quality headwear, ranging from balaclavas and face masks to neck gaiters, motley tubes, bandannas, and much more. Every product ZANheadgear creates serves as a reminder as to why they began their venture over 20 years ago, to develop headwear that provides the ultimate protection from the elements. With every challenge and adventure becoming more daring than the last, the company realizes that performance driven headwear is no longer just an option, but a necessity. ZANheadgear performance headwear is made from technologically enhanced fabrics to take your safety to a whole new level and ensure long-lasting service.