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XTAR VC8 Charger

12.000 KD
  • Description

    • About this item.
    • Type-C port, max 3A for a single slot,VA LCD screen shows batteries’ real-time charging status ( Package not including any batteries ).
    • 18650 smart charger, Charge Max 8Pcs 21700 Batteries simultaneously, can charge rechargeable 18650 21700 and 1.2V Ni-MH AA AAA C batteries at the same time. Detect the battery type,select the most suitable charging method.
    • How to test the real capacity of the battery ? Answer: In grade mode, the charger tests the real capacity by “charging-discharging-fully charging” the batteries, so that users can know whether the battery capacity is over-stated. In storage mode, the charger can charge or discharge the battery to its rated voltage of the battery to maximize the battery life, when the battery is not used for a long time.
    • Q&A:【Q1: Charging currents of vc8? A1: 5 optional currents by manual selection:Max 3A for 1 slot, 2A for 2 slots, 1A for 4 slots, 0.5A for 8 slots. 】 【Q2: What adapter can be used to achieve Max 3A charging? A2: With Max 3A for a single slot(CH1&CH8 only), please have power supply with output “9V 2A” and power cable that supports 3A charging current. 】 【Q3: Can it charge 8 pcs protected 21700 batteries? A3: Yes, it can charge them at the same time or independently】.
    • Built-in high-precision MCU, over-current, over-charge, over-voltage, and short-circuit protection, combined with XTAR's soft-start function, makes the precision of end-of-charge voltage up to ±1%.
    • Imported from USA.


    1.Support QC3.0 fast charging, max 3A for a 1slot

    2.Charge 8Pcs Protected 21700 Simultaneously or at the same time

    3.In grading mode, the charger tests batteries’ real capacity
    ,so that users can know whether the battery capacity is
    overstated or not.

    4.The charger can charge or discharge the battery to it’s rated
    voltage in storing mode

    5.The charger will automatically identify the battery type,, to
    select the most suitable charging method, so that users don’t
    need to select manually.

    6.Built-in real-time temperature control protection system makes
    the battery charging process more stable.

    7.XTAR charger can activate some revivable batteries.

    8.Passed many international safety and quality certifications,
    such as RoHS, CE, FCC, and so on.


    * Input:QC3.0(5V2A / 9V2A)
    * Adjustable Constant Current:3Ax1 / 2Ax2 / 1Ax4 / 0.5Ax8
    * End-of Charge Voltage:4.20±0.05V / 1.45±0.1V
    * End-of Charge Current:≤120mA
    * Operating Temperature:0-40℃
    * Net Weight:350g


    8 bays 18650 household charger VC8 Charger (package not
    including batteries), USB-A to USB-C Cable, Manual