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Nitecore VCL10

12.000 KD

متوفر من شركة نايتكور محول اليو اس بي من مخرج ولاعة السياره متعدد الاستخدام والذي يوجد به اضاءة بيضاء يمكن ان تعمل لمدة ثلاث ساعات لوجو بطاريه مدمجه معه بالاضافة لوجود الاضاءة الحمراء المتقطعه التي يمكن ان تعمل لمده عشرين ساعه بالاضافة لوجود مغناطيس في حالة الطوراء يمكن تركيبه على السياره من الخلف بسبب وجود ميزة الاضاءة الحمراء التي تصبح اضاءة متقطعه سريعه في حال وجود سياره قادمه باتجاه الليت بسبب وجود مستشعر بالليت

يوجد بها طرف لكسر الزجاج في حالة الطوارء وعند الحاجه

مخرج طاقه يو اس بي سريع يعطي طاقه ٢،٤ امبير

يمكن تحريك راس الاضاءة لامكانيه تغيير مكان الاضاءة عند استخدامه مع المغناطيس المدمج معه

  • Input: DC 12V 2.5A (Max)
  • Output: DC 5V 2.4A (Max)
  • Quick Charge 3.0: DC 3.6V - 12V 2.4A (Max)
  • Quick Charge 2.0: DC 5V / 9V / 12V 2.4A (Max)
  • Dimensions: 78.5 mm x 24.5 mm x 23 mm / 3.09" x 0.96" x 0.91"
  • Weight: 44.5g / 1.57 oz.
  • Transformer Loss Compensation (TLC) enabling automatic adjustment of output voltage in accordance with the output current
  • Multi protection for overload, short circuit, overvoltage, undervoltage, overcurrent and overheating etc.
  • White beam and red warning light controllable with one button
  • Built-in photodetector enabling quickened flashes when detecting oncoming vehicles
  • 90º Tiltable head
  • Stainless steel glass breaker tail design
  • Magnetic body
  • Certified by RoHS, CE, FCC and CEC


The Nitecore VCL10 is a multifunctional car gadget, incorporating a USB charger, glass breaker, emergency and warning light. Designed to slot into the cigarette lighter adapter, the VCL10 is extremely compact and easy to keep to hand.

The VCL10 offers safe and effective charging with QC 2.0 and 3.0 charging available and a maximum output current of 2.4A. The device adjusts its output in accordance with what is being charged and is compatible with most Android and iOS electronics. The charger features multiple safeguards to ensure your safety and peace of mind, including overvoltage protection, short-circuit protection, overcurrent protection and undervoltage protection.

The gadget has a white emergency light and a red warning light, providing useful illumination. The lights are powered by a built-in, Li-ion battery which provides up to 3 hours of white light and 20 hours of red. The beam can be tilted up to a 90º angle so the light can be directed when necessary. The red light on the VCL10 is equipped with an innovative photodetector which enables the red flashing to speed up when detecting ambient light variability. This means that if the light were attached to a broken down vehicle using the magnetic body, the red light would flash faster when another vehicle passes by. 

The Nitecore VCL10 has a stainless steel glass breaker tail design for emergency situations. Constructed from fire retardant materials, the glass breaker is strong and durable.

Emergency Light Brightness Levels:
White Beam: 25 lumens - 3 hrs runtime
Red Warning Light: 350mW - 20 hrs runtime

Maximum beam distance 7 meters and resistant to impacts up to 1 meter.