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Taidea TP7100 D

Sold out
18.000 KD
Product Features
Quick sharpening abrasive
Clog free surface
Super fine quality stone
Silica gel non-slip base
Sharpening Instruction
1. Soak the stone in lukewarm water for a few minutes. As soon as the air bubbles stop rising the stone is ready for use. Please continue to apply water also during the sharpening.
2. Place the stone on a non-slip worktop and make certain that the surface is flat. Start by using the coarse grit (black side) of the stone.
3. Move the blade back and forth over the stone at an angle of 10 - 30 ° by using gentle pressure. Start at the tip of the blade, continue to the middle, and finish at the end of the blade. After a while you will notice a small burr at the edge.
4. Then move to the fine grit (green side) of the stone and repeat the process until sufficiently sharp.
5. Please rinse the stone and clean off the grinding residues. Please also clean your knife with hot water.
Tips:1. Suitable for use with water only, oil is not necessary.
2. The 10 to 30 degrees depending on the application:10°for filet knives, 23°for kitchen or pocket knives, and 30°for cleavers
3. Use the entire surface of the stone when sharpening. This will ensure even wear of the stone over time.
Please be extremely cautious during the sharpening process to prevent any injuries.