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TaoTool S Blue

4.500 KD

Nextool TaoTool  ​الاداه العمليه لفتح الكراتين بكل سهوله  ​صغيرة الحجم ويمكن الاحتفاظ بها مع المفاتيح بكل سهوله  ​امنه لفتح الكراتين دون تعريض المنتجات الموجوده داخل الكرتونه من التلف ​متوفره باربع الوان الاسود والازرق والاخضر والسيلفر ​سعرها ٤،٥٠٠


The NexTool KT5015 TaoTool is the perfect box opener. And that is also acknowledged. After all, the TaoTool won the ISPO award for the best product of 2016/2017.

The blade of this box opener is made from Sandvik steel and has a Teflon coating. Not only will the blade remain sharp for a long time, the coating ensures that items won’t stick to the blade as much. A known problem when opening boxes is that it appears to be a lot harder because glue residue from packing material sticks to the blade. This box opener is not bothered by it as much!

The hook is specifically designed to cut cardboard boxes and is, as a result, perfect for this purpose. Because the cutting edge is located so deep inside the hook you won’t run the risk of coming into contact with the sharp edge yourself. In addition, the blade won’t close when you don’t want it to. The TaoTool has a lockback which locks the blade. When you fold the Taotool it has the same shape as a key. Compact and easy to carry with you on a keyring.

The TaoTool is an indispensable tool for anyone working in a warehouse, shopaholics and anyone who frequently opens boxes.