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Ganzo Skimen-CA

Sold out
17.000 KD

  product description :For a knife of universal design (Roslyn knife from), and produced by the Chinese company Gansu of high quality and reasonable prices, the knife core is made of grade-D 2  steel - corrosion resistant, the knife hardness value is about 60 units on the Rockwell scale direct sharpening type, the length of The blade is eight centimetres, and its thickness - three and a half conventions, the blade can be removed with the help of a convenient fin lock. Reliably protected against accidental opening or closing the total length of the product is only 8.07 inches. These dimensions give the advantage of a knife for daily use. It can be easily placed in a bag or pocket on it as needed
The grasp of the product is made of fiberglass, suitable for active people who often go for a break in the outdoors. This model is suitable for hiking, hunting, fishing and camping, moreover, you can use it at home if necessary Product weight only 120 g. This is a compact and lightweight knife. For comfortable wearing, you can attach it to your pocket or belt. Manufacturers provide a one-year warranty that they have not produced.