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Wicked Edge Pro-Pack III with hard case

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Original price 495.000 KD
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Designed with professional knife sharpeners in mind, the Pro-Pack III offers a combination of abrasives, accessories and hardware to create an all-in-one package that meets the needs of the professional sharpener or knife enthusiast with large collections that include many different types of knives.

The Pro-Pack III is our most versatile sharpener. It offers you the ability to clamp the widest variety of knife grinds, gives you the widest range of angles and the ability to adjust the angles independently, on both sides of the blade. These features create a sharpening system with a highly controlled level of precision for the serious knife enthusiast.

The included WE130 Precision Knife Sharpener, utilizes our patented Generation 3 Cam-Lock Vise. This vise is ideal for accommodating a wide variety of knife grinds, including fully flat and hollow ground blades. The Split Jaw Design of the vise allows the jaws to flex so they can firmly grasp distally tapered blades, like many everyday-carry pocket knives and kitchen knives. It offers an expansive range of sharpening angles, allowing you to sharpen a wide assortment of blades, from 13 to 35 degrees per side. Blades with wider angles, such as daggers, cleavers, bushcraft knives and blades with chisel grinds, are all possible on this sharpener, as well as blades with low angles, like many Japanese knives and many knives made from modern super steels. Provided independent angle adjustment will allow you to sharpen asymmetrical grinds with repeatability.

For professional sharpeners, collectors and knife enthusiasts, the desire to retain the original design or a custom bevel on a knife is paramount to your passion for knives. This sharpener offers coarse angle adjustments in 1 degree increments and micro adjustments of .05 degrees, giving you the flexibility to match the original bevels of your knives without the need to modify the knife’s original grind or unnecessarily remove access material.

The jaws on the Generation 3 Cam-Lock Vise can be swapped out for the included Gen 3 Jaws for ¼” Blades, allowing you to clamp knives up to a ¼” thick. This gives you the versatility to sharpen a wider variety of blade thicknesses. To achieve lower angles, we have included our Low Angle Adapter that can be easily mounted into either the jaws on your Generation 3 Cam-Lock Vise.

The abrasives included with the Pro-Pack III were specifically chosen to provide you with a complete set of tools to achieve custom edge geometry with any finish you desire. Whether it’s a toothy working edge, shaving sharp precision or a mirror polish, the Pro-Pack III can do it. The Pro-Pack III comes with our stable and easy to clean Aluminum Base as well as a water and dust proof Hard Rolling Case to make storage and travel easier.


  • Made in the USA
  • WE130 sharpener with a very wide assortment of abrasives and accessories
  • Clamps the widest variety of knife grinds, including blades that are full-flat -ground or distally tapered - offers the most versatility
  • Generation 3 Cam-Lock Vise - one-step knife clamping and doesn’t require additional tools to operate
  • Widest range of customizable angles
  • Ability to adjust angles independently for asymmetrical grinds
  • Includes water and dust-proof, shock resistant, carrying case with custom foam insert, telescoping handle and wheels for easy transport