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Nitecore 18650 Battery 3100 for TM28

8.000 KD
  • FOR USE IN NITECORE TM28 and Concept 1- Specifically designed for use with the TM28 flashlight or Concept 1, these IMR 18650 batteries enable users to access all brightness settings including a blinding 6000 lumens in TM28 and 1800 lumens in Concept 1.
  • RECHARGEABLE - Easily recharge via the built-in charging capability in the TM28 or externally via compatible battery chargers including the Nitecore i2, i4, D2, D4 and SC2 battery chargers
  • STORE SAFELY - No more fishing for loose batteries in your bag. The Lumen Tactical battery organizers will keep your batteries stored safely when you're on the go.