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NITE IZE S-Biner SlideLock 3-Pack Stainless Steel Black

4.500 KD

Nite Ize S-Biner SlideLock - 3 Pack

Will Stay Attached To You, No Matter What

Carry your house keys or car keys with these new S-Biner SlideLock clips from Nite Ize: they'll stay attached to you, no matter what. It'll be a load off your mind that your smallest belongings, hanging from these stainless steel clips, won't go anywhere. There's a unique feature called a slide lock that keeps the openings sealed, for a strong and reassuring grip on your keys. Available in a 3-pack for three times the efficiency in organizing your keys, keyless entry systems, key chains, key lights--even silverware! Within this 3 pack, you'll get three sizes of SlideLock clips: #2 (small), #3 (medium), and #4 (large). You have a choice of black or stainless steel (sold separately) -- attractive colors that look good no matter what they're hanging from. These SlideLock clips are hefty enough to even support the weight of water bottles, with a weight rating that varies from 10 lb. to 75 lb., depending on the clip. Just snap these S-Biners onto your purse or belt loop when you're headed out the door, to get a long-lasting clasp that will always be nearby, when you need it!


  • Offered in 2 colors (sold separately): black finish or stainless steel finish for a multitude of options
  • Arrives in a 3 pack of small (size #2), medium (size #3), and large (size #4) size clips for fitting items of all sizes and weights--from keys, keyless entry systems, key chains, key lights, to silverware, and water bottles (size #4)!
  • Slide-to-lock apparatus lets gates stay closed, so no item slips away from you


  • Size #2:
    • Length: 0.9 in./22 mm
    • Width: 2.0 in./50 mm
    • Height: 0.3 in./8 mm
    • Weight: 0.24 oz./7 g
    • Weight rating: 10 lb.
  • Size #3:
    • Length: 1.2 in./30 mm
    • Width: 2.7 in./68 mm
    • Height: 0.4 in./10 mm
    • Weight: 0.53 oz./15 g
    • Weight rating: 25 lb.
  • Size #4:
    • Length: 1.6 in./40 mm
    • Width: 3.6 in./90 mm
    • Height: 0.4 in./11mm
    • Weight: 1.09 oz./31 g
    • Weight rating: 75lb.