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NEBO Poppy Lantern

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Nebo poppy
متوفر جهاز الإضاءة من شركة نيبو بقوة اضاءة ٣٠٠ لومين بنوعين مختلفين من الإضاءة اليدوية المركزة او المنتشرة
الإضاءة المنتشرة بقوة ٣٠٠ لومين تعمل لمدة سبع ساعات ونصف والإضاءة المركزة بقوة ١٢٠ لومين وتعمل لمدة ١٨ ساعه
يعمل على البطاريات التي تباع بالجمعيات التعاونية
وزنه ٣٠٠ جرام فقط


Poppy is a combination 300 lumen C•O•B LED lantern and bright LED spot light.


Poppy is the perfect light for indoor or outdoor use when versatility and powerful lighting are critical. With a rubberized impact-resistant body, Poppy is both rugged and soft to the touch. Poppy easily changes from spot light to lantern with just a slide of its top, revealing a full 360º C•O•B lantern. The handle is designed to easily adjust to conveniently serve both light modes.



• C•O•B lantern

HIGH (300 lumens) – 7.5 hours / 15 meters

LOW (35 lumens) – 40 hours / 6 meters

• Spot-light

HIGH (120 lumens) – 18 hours / 120 meters

LOW (90 lumens) – 38 meters


• Fully dimmable

• Rubberised body design; water and impact-resistant

• Adjustable handle

• Power memory setting


• Side-positioned, ON/OFF button


• Powered by 3 AA batteries (included)


• 300g

• Height: Closed - 140mm / Open - 200mm

• Diameter: 86mm