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12.000 KD

This ratchet driver is a huge timesaver any time I need to work with screws or other fasteners. No longer do I need to look in my toolbox for a ratchet set and the correct bit - I have it all with my Wave in my Leatherman sheath. The ratchet driver also fits perfectly in one of the stretchy side pockets in the sheath.


  • 01
    Magnetic Bit Holder
    The magnetic bit holder allows for secure placement of Leatherman flat bits or any standard 1/4” bit.
  • 02
    3-Way Ratcheting System
    The compact ratcheting system allows continuous rotation in one direction while preventing motion in the opposite direction. The 3-way positioning allows for forward, reverse, and locked positions.
  • 03
    Bit Driver Compatibility
    The Ratchet Driver works with any multi-tool or knife that’s equipped with a large bit driver.
    LENGTH: 3.26 in | 8.28 cm
    WEIGHT: 1.26 oz | 35.7 g