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Ganzo Skimen-BK

16.000 KD

Product description : Knife (skin-men) designed by the world (Roslyn skin-men), and produced by the Chinese company Gansu with high quality and reasonable prices. Direct, the blade is eight centimetres long, and thickness - three and a half millimetres, the blade can be removed with the help of a convenient fin lock. Reliably protected against accidental opening or closing, the total length of the product is only 8.07 inches. These compact dimensions give the knife an edge for everyday use. It can be easily placed in a bag or pocket and used as needed
The product is made of glass catch. Can easily withstand the effect of high temperatures The rough handle has a special degree that makes it easy to hold. It does not turn or slide during playback. Available colors for the model - Orange, Black, Green and Dark Purple are now available at a very special price of KW 18,000