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15.000 KD

Description of the knife Firebird FH921:

The Ganzo Firebird FH921 folding knife is a pocket product designed, among other things, for use in tourism. The peculiarity of this model is in the atypical shape of the hilt, which has a groove in the upper part closer to the spine. An inlaid pattern on the spine serves to better grip with the user's finger. Another characteristic feature is a hole in the blade area at the place where the pin is usually located. The design element makes it easy to open the product with your hand. The axial screw is provided with a round metal bearing.

The shape of the knife guarantees ergonomic use, and its blade is characterized by versatility. The blade type is drop-point. It copes well with both cutting and stabbing. It can be used in various types of work. The blade is made of high-quality D2 steel with corrosion protection. The steel is of great strength and retains a sharp cutting edge. It is easy to sharpen. The sharpness of the edge is obtained due to the content of more than 0.5% of carbon in the steel. Alloying additives such as chromium and nickel are included to increase corrosion resistance.

The hardness of the blade is estimated at 60 units by the Rockwell scale, give or take. This is a great indicator for knife products. It is a very resilient, strong, durable knife. It can withstand humidity conditions, as steel is practically not susceptible to rusting. With these characteristics, the model becomes an excellent choice for use in outdoor activities.

The knife handle is made of G10 material. Fiberglass has resistance to various external influences. It lends itself well to staining, is protected from impacts, high temperatures, and moisture. This easy-to-care material makes the handle rough to the touch. This is excellent for a good grip and ease of use. The knife will not shift and will not slip out of your hand even if it is wet.

This is a folding knife with fixation. It is equipped with a flipper type lock. This means excellent mechanics, easiness to open and close, safety in use. A clip is provided for comfortable wearing. You can use it to lock the knife by hanging it to your pocket, on your belt, or your bag.

The total length of the product reaches just under 20 centimeters. The length of the blade reaches 8.6 centimeters. The blade is three and a half millimeters thick. The knife weighs 113.5 grams. There are four color solutions – black, green, gray, and orange. The company provides a 1-year warranty for this model.

Characteristics of the knife:

  • type – folding;
  • purpose – for every day, tourist;
  • latched;
  • flipper type lock;
  • straight blade sharpening;
  • blade shape – drop-point;
  • D2 steel blade;
  • hardness is about 60 units by the Rockwell scale;
  • corrosion protection;
  • G10 handle;
  • durable, ergonomic knife;
  • four handle colors;
  • total length – 19.9 centimeters;
  • weight – 113.5 grams;
Knife Type Folding
Lock Type Flipper Lock
Blade Edge Plain
Point Drop Point
Blade Material D2
Blade Color Gray
Handle Material G10
Handle Color Black, Green, Gray, Orrange
Total Length, mm 199
Blade Length, mm 86
Blade Thickness, mm 3.5
Knife Weight, g 113.5