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This is our first large-size camping lamp to meet people’s demand for high brightness and wide illumination. unique outdoor lighting, low voltage outdoor lighting kits, the simple rectangular light panel design, without too much decoration, maintains its original style, blends with the wild, and becomes an indispensable necessity for your outdoor activities.
The 20CM long metal white paint hose with M8 screw aperture can support the entire lamp panel. Use it to adjust the lighting of the various angles you want. Its lifespan is up to 30,000 hours. The aluminum light board gives you a good touch of ice-cold.
The bottom round magnet design allows it to stand steadily on a flat surface, and it can be firmly attached on the car surface or other metal surfaces. The bottom of the magnet is also attentively covered with a rubber pad to prevent scratching the surface of your car. With battery clip and cigarette lighter, it can be directly connected to the car power or any 12V power supply.

Accessories details

1. Wire: The wire is made of pure copper, thick wire with a diameter of 6.4MM, a wide current conductor area, and a thick insulation layer, which is more resistant to high temperatures, and it is more difficult to melt when receiving current. It can be directly connected to the lamp board. Total length 5 meter, increasing the range of activities.
2. Battery clip: 50A thickened copper-plated clip, 0.5mm thickness and 82mm length, can be used for car power supply, 12V mobile power engine and DVD mobile speaker, etc.
3. 82MM round magnet base, the bottom of the magnet is also intimately covered with a layer of soft rubber pad to prevent messy car.
4. The 20CM long metal hose with M8 screw aperture can support the whole lamp board and use it to adjust the lighting of various angles you want.
5. Handbags. The raw material is 600D waterproof canvas, the front of the bag is transparent, and the contents stored in it are clear at a glance. It is equipped with a handle and is easy to carry.

Application scenario

This portable LED camping lamp is ideal for outdoor and indoor use. It is easy to operate, easy to carry, energy-saving, and simple in design. It is very suitable for camping, hiking, fishing, reading, walking at night, home emergency lighting, etc.

Part No.: TM-01
LED size: 240×390mm
Lumen: 9600LM
Lamp Beads: 999pcs intensity SMD
Waterproof: IP67
Package: PVC+canvas bag