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Ganzo F7533-GR

15.000 KD
The G7533 knife is a comfortable fordable model for tourism, outdoors and travel. Thanks to the little pressure this knife can be with you everywhere, just put it in your pocket or bag. G7533 knife is made of 440C alloy, and it is made of stainless steel. This material is considered the best, because its corrosion resistance is associated with a hardness of 58HRC.

Dark matte metallic color is applied to the knife blade, increasing protection and resistance. Therefore, you can use the G7533 knife for hunting, camping and in other situations where it is difficult to provide full care for them.

G7533 blade size is 8.9 cm. Its features correspond to the "drop point" geometry. Sharpening the edge flat. This feature also provides the universality of the knife, as it is suitable for cutting almost any material or food. Blade thickness of 0.33 cm talks about the strength of the knife and its ability to work with these hard materials, such as wood or leather.

G7533 handle contains G10 scale material. This compound material is strong and light, impervious to corrosion or other damaging changes under the influence of water, wind and sun. Both plates are fixed on a steel base with three screws. At the end of the handle, you can see a large hole suitable for the strap.

The G7533 model includes the G-Lock - a convenient mechanism, which provides high reliability to install the blade and thus increase the safety in the use of the knife .