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Ganzo F7531-BK

12.000 KD
Ganzo G7531 also has all the attributes needed to become a loyal companion to its owner. Does not rust when using the knife in wet conditions. G7531 has 440C stainless steel blade. This material belongs to the number of corrosion-resistant alloys. At the same time, this alloy has a hardness of 58HRC. So, the G7531 blade stays sharp for a long time. Blade dimensions are general: length - 89mm, thickness - 3.3mm. Blade shape - clamp point. Ganzo G7531 has smooth sharpening, this type of grinding is classic and one of the most versatile. Another important point - blade finish, G7531 was built with the help of satin finishing technology.

The scale on the handle is fixed to the sides of the steel base. The Ganzo G7531 handle is lightweight and durable. These features are achieved with the use of composite glass fibers. It is a high-quality G10 material that is virtually inferior to the metal fort, but rather weighs almost like ordinary plastic. Moreover, the G7531 comes in three versions. Therefore, you can choose this knife in orange, dark green, or black colors. Also, the handle design includes a cord hole and an opportunity to set a clip for carrying a strap,
Ganzo G7531 was created with G-Lock. It is a robust lock design, which allows you to use this knife conveniently in a wide range of positions .