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Ganzo F7492-GR

15.000 KD
This Ganzo G7492 knife model is designed for use in fishing, camping, on any country trips or as needed for city use. This model takes into account all advantages of global use and its maximum tolerance to stress and external influences. The blade of the knife is easily cut and Colette, and has the shape of a drop point, to the side of the soft ground. It is made of premium quality steel with corrosion protection. In this case, the specified mark is 440g, which copes well with exposure to corrosive agents and is tough enough to maintain sharp sharpness for a long time. The G7492 Ganzo blade is 87 mm long. The steel blades are treated so that they completely fail to reflect sunlight, except for the correct fall. This method is known as washed stone. The advantage is that the knife blade completely mask metal wear like scratches. The steel design looks a little rough, and this absolutely does not affect its quality or its corrosion resistance.

The Ganzo G7492 has its arm made comfortably and is as comfortable in all respects as possible. It is made of a variety of compound plastic-G10. This material is more durable than ordinary plastic. It comfortably tolerates any impact of water, sun and other factors, which can cause corrosion. Because of the simplicity of G10 staining, buyers can choose Ganzo G7492 with an orange, black or green handle. To the knife the steel clamp is attached, as well as at the end an opening for attaching the knife handle.

The third important knife to lock the details; Linear lock G7492 Ganzo Liner Lock is used. This lock is made of minimal parts and can last for a very long time. At the same time, it is recognized as one of the most reliable modifications among other modifications .