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Ganzo G7453-BK-WS

12.000 KD
Ganzo G7453 will attract outdoor activities enthusiasts and all lovers of high-quality knives. The folding design is used in this case; It is especially suitable for pocket models. All materials are chosen in a way that serves the knife for a long time. The appearance of the product is also commendable. The blade is made of solid stainless steel, which resists corrosion and keeps sharpening for a long time. This is the 440C brand. The surface is covered with a black protective layer. It also protects the metal from negative external factors, and makes the blade completely matte and as a decorative element. Resistant paint is powder coating and does not wipe over time. Thanks to this, the knife will not shine in the sun. The blade length of the Ganzo G7453 is 90 mm. The shape of the blade is a drop point with a small butt edge and a sharp nose.

The knife handle for this model is made of G10 - a fiberglass composite material. Its quality exceeds ordinary plastic, and its strength is comparable to metal. The handle has a small opening under the fingers. On the one hand, a steel clip is attached to the handle. Ganzo G7453 can be easily attached to the belt with it .