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Ganzo G7452P-BK-WS

12.000 KD
The Ganzo G7452Р-WS knife is fordable, which makes it easy to carry among other walking equipment. At the same time, its dimensions are very convenient to perform the different types of jobs faced by tourists. The size of the knife is 9 cm. It is made of 440C stainless steel. This metal is one of the most used in the knives industry due to the effective combination of wear resistance and ability to maintain sharpening. The shape of the blade is a drop point. Its surface is completely matte because it was treated with Stone wash technology. The advantage of this treatment is that any scratches or scratches are less noticeable on the metal. The cutting edge is generally smoothly honed. This type of universal sharpening is suitable in most cases.

The knife handle has two G10 fiberglass cover panels. Its quality is superior to other plastics and can be compared to metallic strength. Moreover, this handle does not weigh much, is corrosion resistant and does not absorb water. Cover plates are fixed with three small nails and one larger. On the side of the handle there is a clip so that the knife can be attached to the belt. Depending on the user's preferences, they can be rearranged on the other side. The engraving on the surface of the handle is a small engineering scratch.

In addition, the little cord is attached to the handle and there is a beep on the other side of it. Therefore, Ganzo G7452Р-WS knife has the maximum functionality for tourists. When you go on a natural trip, you can let your friends know your location using this beep .