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Ganzo G742-1-BK

12.000 KD
Ganzo G742-1 Folding Knife is a great knife for any use in nature. It is suitable for cutting vegetables and sandwiches on a picnic, and it performs almost all work on trips, and is suitable for fishing, hiking or hunting.

The built-in blade clamp makes use of Ganzo G742-1 completely safe and sure. Frame lock, built-in handle, do not allow blade fold. This knife will not open in your pocket.

440C steel with 58 units of hardness were used to produce the knife blade. This type of steel is widely used for knife production as it combines important characteristics such as corrosion resistance and hardness of small materials. Both qualities are of value to tourist knives that are difficult to care for.

On one side of this model's handle, you can see the G10 quality plastic gauge. Made of fiberglass and resins, it has a similar strength to minerals. At the same time, this material is much lighter than steel and is well protected from various types of corrosion .