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Ganzo G7413P-BK-WS

15.000 KD
The compact folding knife can be used every time you make a natural trip. Ganzo G7413P has all the qualities that make him an excellent candidate for the job. Its blade consists of one of the most popular steel brands - 440C. It is resistant to rust and other wear. Moreover, the dark coating of the blade is an added protection. This coating also has a tactical value, since it does not shine the knife in the sun. Therefore, hunters should pay attention to the model Ganzo G7413P. The cutting edge of the blade is completely smooth; It is a classic sharpening technique. The size of baldness reaches 89 mm.

The length of the knife with the handle is 205 mm. The plastic cover panels bearing the G10 sticker are attached to the metal base of the handle. It is not completely smooth but with a small fabric that does not allow the knife to slide. Since plastics are easily coated, manufacturers offer three options for the handle: orange, black and green. In all options, a metal clip is attached to the knife handle and a small rope with a whistl .