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Ganzo G7392P - black

12.000 KD
Ganzo G7392P is useful for tourists, hunters and outdoor enthusiasts. This knife is very practical and powerful, and requires no complicated care treatment. The main part of the knife is a soft sharp blade made of 440C stainless steel. The alloy material for the blade is very resistant to rust and keeps its sharpening for a long time.

G10 fiberglass was chosen as the treatment material. It gained the confidence of producers and knives clients due to its wear resistance and durability. On these foundations, the G10 is vastly superior to other plastics.

Another great feature - G-Lock, which can be proud of its safety and reliability. Therefore, while using Ganzo G7392P, you can be sure the lock mechanism works.

Also, the producers carefully placed a clip on the handle to tie the knife to the belt and a hole to tie the rope .