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Ganzo G738

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Original price 12.000 KD
Current price 6.000 KD

 product description : Gansu 738 blade is the ideal solution, made of stainless steel and widely applied in this industry. The 440 grade steel provides a number of alloying elements that improve their properties, increase rust resistance and sharpening ability. The blade is measured correctly. This is a drop point with a low butt line. The tip of the blade is raised slightly as the cutting edge is actually extended. Sharpening the blade is flat and can be easily updated with the most effective pocket sharpener. Regarding blade dimensions - it is 8.9 cm long which makes it easy to use a knife to clean fish, prepare sandwiches, and a thickness of 3.3 mm. Available now with our distinctive colors at a very special price of 12,000 Kuwaiti dinars