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Ganzo G7372-OR

12.000 KD
Joge Ganzo G7372 looks reliable and stylish. This impression is fully in line with the technical parameters. 440 knife blade made of 440C stainless steel plate. In this category, this brand is distinguished by its high hardness (up to 58 units), allowing long and long blade processing, since it has Stone wash treatment, which gives a completely matte metal surface effect. Among the advantages of this treatment is that the knife is almost shiny, there are no alternatives to glossy messianic on its surface, and the blade expands significantly. This part has a small opening to replace the wedge to open the knife.

Ganzo G7372 uses bushing lock. While this special version of the lock is one of the simplest, it is used in one place. Thanks to the very small number of durable parts.

The main exterior of the knife handle is the G-10 trays. They use a sophisticated look with cushions mounted on a steel base with three nails. Steel has also become a material for both ends of the handle, which further protects the folded blade. Thanks to the metal parts, the Ganzo G7372 Knife weighs 164 grams, which is very powerful for an EDC knife now available at a very special price of just KWD 12,000.