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Ganzo G722 - orange

9.000 KD

product description : The Gansu 722 knife has a fairly varied application. It can be used during any type of past country time, and as a practical daily pocket knife. It is very safe to carry this knife even in the pocket because the blade is folded inside the handle. The blade is made of steel C. It is a high-quality alloy steel of fairly high hardness - about 58 units on the Rockwell scale. Since this mineral is used, it does not require careful care to prevent corrosion. While maintaining the cleanliness of the knife retains its qualities. There is no problem sharpening the blade, even with the most basic pocket-match
The length of the unsheathed 722 is 21 cm. Among them is 9 cm the length of the blade with a straight general sharpening 4 mm thick of the spine. The length of the folded blade is 12 cm.