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Ganzo G302-H

18.000 KD

Ganzo G302-Н is a multi-tool based on the already well-known model from Ganzo brand. However, there are changes in metal processing as well as in the shape of some tools. As a result, the customers received another nice example of a practical tool the use of which each owner will be able to evaluate in practice. All tools, as well as the case of multi-tool Ganzo G302-Н, are made of steel 440C. This is a high quality alloy of stainless steel. It may be used in conditions of frequent contact with water which is typical for hiking, fishing trips and hunting. Minimal maintenance of the tool ensures durability and safety of the external qualities. Pliers are the main tool in arrangement of the multi-tool. They are equipped with cutting pliers and have a firm grip for nuts, bushings and other objects that are circular in cross-section. Other tools are arranged between two handles of the multi-tool and are inside them. They are: two knives (normal and serrated), a saw, openers for cans and bottles, scissors, an awl, a small slotted screwdriver with a magnetic holder for interchangeable bits, tool for removing insulation from wires. The multi-tool goes together with a set of necessary screw-drivers with a variety of screws. They are in a common organizer. This organizer together with the multi-tool can be stored in a nylon case.

The surface of all tools and handle is chromium-plated. The multi-tool is very durable and practical and, therefore, it will be an excellent purchase both for own needs and useful present.


  • Full-sized tool;
  • Pliers with grip for circular-shaped objects and cutting-pliers;
  • Smoothly sharpened and serrated knives;
  • Additional set of screw-driver bits;
  • Nylon case;
  • Chromium-plated surface;
  • Material in use is 440C steel.