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True Utility FIRESTASH

4.500 KD

true utility FireStash
الولاعة العملية من الشركة البريطانية ترويوتلتي
سهلة الاستخدام وضد الماء وتاتي مع علاقة مفاتيح لسهولة الاحتفاظ بها .
ضد العوامل الجويه المختلفه كالماء عن اغلاقها
​تعمل على الكاز السائل ويباع بشكل منفصل
سعرها اربع دنانير ونصف 



The FireStash is revolutionary in lighting fires, encased in in a waterproof canister, no fire is too big for this pocket-sized lighter. The stylish and safe design makes it the ideal companion for campers and explorers. Simply attach it to your key ring for your convenience.

With a dark chrome plated zinc alloy body, the FireStash is compact, yet tough and solid.

A neoprene ‘O’ ring secures the lighter from any water, meaning you have a working lighter even in the pouring rain. Refill the lighter like a standard lighter for repeated use.

As with all our products, this pocket-sized lighter comes with a weatherproof and solid hardcase, ideal for putting your valuables in.