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Ganzo FH11S - CF

18.000 KD
The Ganzo Company has supplemented its collection of folding EDC-knives with another model. This is a Firebird FH11S-CF knife , D2 grade steel blade steel. This is a widely used material, and Ganzo has long been actively using it in its products. D2 alloys are of high quality and resistant to all types of impacts. This steel is corrosion resistant and perfectly maintains its clarity. It is used to create tourist knives, hunting and households. Novelty acquires corrosion resistance due to such a component in the composition; It becomes really strong and durable.

Metal hardness reaches 60 units on the Rockwell scale. This is a very high indicator for these types of tools. The knife handle is made of carbon fiber. The peculiarity of this material is good strength, toughness and light weight. Composite carbon materials are often stronger than steel, but at the same time they are much lighter. Model color is carbon black shade.

The knife has a fin lock. The product has a suitable metal clip. You can handle the knife on your pocket, and attach it to your belt or bag with it. Previous experience with Ganzo products has proven that knives have excellent mechanics. It is safe to operate, easy to open and close. The Flipper type lock is used for this item. Folding knives have gained great popularity among users. It is compact, comfortable and lightweight.

The total length of Firebird FH11S-CF is 18.4 cm. The length of the blade reaches 7.8 cm. Thickness of the blade is 2.9 mm; The product weighs 82 grams. Fire bird products have high-quality blade treatment, so these knives are resistant to minor scratches and minor wear. The knife retains its original appearance even if used repeatedly. By acquiring the FH11S-CF model, the user gets all-round comfort and an effective assistant. The item can be used in a variety of situations, and its maintenance does not require much effort. This is an easy-to-use knife, perfectly justifies the title of the perfect EDC element, now we have a very special capacity of only 15,000 KD