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Ganzo FB7651-GR

12.000 KD
The Chinese company Ganzo has released a new model - Firebird FB7651. The product was presented in the spring of 2019 , The product blade is made of 440C steel grade, hardness of 58 units on the Rockwell scale. Steel is corrosion-protected and has many beneficial properties. It is one of the most popular grade of steel, solid and very durable. The products made of this steel are of high quality. These models have good cutting properties, and the original sharpening sticks long enough without any extra care. Another important value of this material is its resistance to corrosion of salts. Therefore, with a knife made of this steel, you can go outside in the open without fear that high humidity will affect the product.

The handle of this model consists of steel bushings, polymer separator and G10 compound material, which are fixed by Torx steel screws. The handle design provides a removable steel clamp, which can be installed in two locations. There is a large opening for the rope. The length of the handle is 11.6 cm.

G10 is a fiberglass fabric connected by an epoxy resin. It is completely resistant to environmental impacts. Impact resistant, water resistant, easy to handle and dye. These material advantages make it an excellent choice for use in producing practical and reliable knives. Thus, we get a template ready for tough tests, worthy of trust, and completely safe. The ergonomic handle of the new element is comfortable in the user's comfort and does not slip from the hand, even if wet.

The blade can be removed from the knife with standard steel pegs and fixed with a special lock called the axle lock. Axial bearings are responsible for the speed and smoothness of removal. The blade shape of the blade is very suitable for performing a variety of home operations. Models with similar profile are very popular among hunters and extreme entertainment lovers. The model is equally good for home use and as a defense, we now have a very special price of 12,000 Kuwaiti dinars.