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Ganzo FB727S - CF

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14.000 KD
The handle is made of carbon fiber, the color - "carbon." Carbon fiber is a high-strength, low-strength solid. The knife, which includes such a component, acquires resistance to wear, strength and durability. The blade of this model is made of 440C grade steel. It is a strong and corrosion-resistant metal alloy. It is easy to sharpen, even if it happens at home. The hardness of the metal reaches 58 units on the Rockwell scale. A good indicator of products of this type. During manufacture, the edge of the knife blade is processed, causing it, becoming resistant to scratches and various scratches. The color of the blade is gray. The handle color is black.

The length of the knife is 18.4 cm and weight is 81 g. The edge of the blade is 7.8 cm long, 2.2 mm thick. The mechanism, which guarantees safety, is the axle lock. The core of the blocking mechanism is to fix the blade using a spindle-shaped pin, which is perpendicular to the level of the blade. The blade can be opened and closed manually with one hand.

The product contains a metal clip. It is durable and sturdy, rust-proof. The clamp helps secure the knife to clothing or equipment. Novelty F727S-CF will be useful for different categories of users. It can take with you for a walk, a picnic, to the country, used at home, at work, on hunting and fishing. Small, light and elegant items will always remain, now available at a very special price of only 12.000 KD.