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Victorinox Wood Carving Knife

15.250 KD

Elegant Knife with Wavy Edge

Carving needn’t be a challenge; the secret’s in both exceptional cooking and specialist tools. Cue our Wood Carving Knife with wavy edge to the cutting board. Expertly engineered to deliver faultless balance and relentless stability, this is a blade to add to your kitchen arsenal for years to come. While the wavy edge blade delivers maximum control on a variety of joints and meats, the elegant wooden handle feels natural and comfortable in your hand. Conquer your carving…


Height 14.5 mm
Net weight 96 g


Length of blade 19 cm
Handle material Modified Maple 
Type of edge wavy edge 
Dishwasher safe No 

Key features

  • The perfect tool to carve all kinds of meat, from beef to chicken and lamb
  • Swiss made carving knife with wavy edge blade
  • High carbon stainless steel blade, plus ergonomic handle crafted in sustainable wood
Item number 5.2030.19
Length of blade 19 cm
Weight 96 g