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ColdSteel AD-15 LITE

50.000 KD
    We think the AD-15 is worth every penny we ask for it, but we realize its price tag might be out of reach for many fans who would like to own one. Well, the AD-15 Lite is the economical ver-sion those AD-15 enthusiasts have been waiting for. Identical in look, style and construction, to the original, the AD-15 Lite features a blade made of Japanese 10A steel and an injection molded Griv-Ex™ handle instead of the costly 3D CNC ma-chined grip that is used on the standard AD-15.
    Weight:6.2 oz
    Handle Length/Material:5in Long Handle
    Blade Steel:AUS 10A Steel
    Blade Length:3 1/2in
    Overall Length:8 1/2in