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ColdSteel African Walking Stick

18.000 KD

African walking stick
العصا القوية من شركة كولد ستيل ، يمكنها ان تتحمل وزن شخص دون ان تنكسر .
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Lynn C. Thompson
الذي تشاهدونه في العديد من فيدوهات كولد ستيل حيث كان هاوي لجمع العصي الافريقية فتم أخذ الأفكار من العصا الافريقية :
Zulu Kerrie
ليتم تصنيع هذه العصا من مادة بوليبروبلاين القوية .
سعر العصا ١٩ دينار .
يمكنكم زيارة موقع مؤسس وصاحب شركة كولد ستيل على موقعه الشخصي :
حيث انه هاوي للصيد بشكل رائع .
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91WAS African Walking Stick

Cold Steel President, Lynn C. Thompson has spent a lifetime collecting walking sticks and wooden weapons, and has amassed quite a collection of these beautiful handmade sticks. He has always had a particular fondness for the Knob Kerrie, a ball headed walking stick from Africa. Cold Steel's interpretation of this African Walking Stick features some of the finest features of the traditional Zulu Kerrie – the undulating shaft, and distinctive geodesic ball - but instead of using expensive exotic hardwoods, they've made theirs out of high-impact polypropylene. This means that, in addition to being incredibly durable, it won't rot, warp, crack, splinter, swell, shrink, mildew or fade. Although its primary function will always be as a walking stick to aid one's balance when crossing uneven, slippery or rough terrain, it also makes a formidable self-defense option in an emergency.



  • Part Number: 91WAS
  • Overall: 37"
  • Thickness: 1.25" (base), 1.75" (neck)
  • Head: 2.75"
  • Material: Polypropylene
  • Weight: 25.3 oz.
  • Made in Taiwan