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Kershaw SHUFFLE Black

Sold out
11.000 KD

​السكين العمليه باللون الاسود المحبوب من الشركة الامريكية كيرشاو والتي حافظة على اللون الاسود لكامل السكين للنصل مع المقبض
​عمليه جدا للاستخدام اليومي بسبب صغر حجمها وخفة وزنها
​تم تصميم المقبض ليتناسب مع مسكة اليد بالرغم من صغر حجمها لسهولة فتحها وسهولة مسكها
​يوجد بها من طرف السكين مكان لربط الحبل او فك البراغي كما يوجد بها مكان لفتح عبوات المشروب الغازي
​طول النصل ٦ سم
​طول السكين كامل ١٤،٦ سم
​وزنها ٧٩،٤ جرام
​معدن السكين
8Cr13MoV, Black-oxide coating


The Kershaw Shuffle has proven so popular that we’re introducing new Shuffles, including this slick, all-black version.

The Shuffle is a compact, versatile & tough multi-function tool. You'll like its compact size, manual opening, and discovering how useful that stubby little blade really is. You'll also like how nicely the finger contours fit your hand and how our K-Texture™ handle provides an extra secure grip.

The Shuffle has some additional tricks up its sleeve, too. It has a flathead screwdriver at the butt of the knife, which doubles as a lanyard attachment, and a handy bottlecap lifter built into the back of the knife.

The blade is made of made of a steel known for toughness and durability. The K-Texture handle—composed of a repeating pattern of the Kershaw logo "k"—is exclusive to Kershaw and enhances grip. A liner lock secures the Shuffle's blade open in use, but closes easily when its tasks are done.

As a utility knife, a work knife, or just a great multi-function pocketknife, the Shuffle is the right choice. And if you're into basic black, with this new Shuffle, you can't go wrong.