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44.000 KD

If you are looking for a very light Leatherman multi-tool, the Leatherman SKELETOOL RX is the right tool for you.

Responding quickly and safely in emergency situations - the Skeletool RX is made for the ermergency situaion. Specialized tools like a 154CM deeply serrated blade for more cutting surface on clothing or fibrous materials and a carbide glass break bit makes the Skeletool RX unique. This multitool is an essential piece of kit for any EMT or first responder.

The Leatherman SKELETOOL RX combines several tools. All these tools are fast at hand. Smaller repairs can be conducted in a breath. For this purpose you just draw the fitting tool out of the Leatherman. The reliable lock provides the necessary precision and safety while working. Secure this multi-tool for yourself and order it from our online-shop.