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The nFORM Ultralight System has taken the unique needs of fast and light backpacking and built a system of solutions that defy the notion that ultralight means making sacrifices. Thanks to its incredible capacity for nesting, the Glacier Stainless Dualist includes insulated mugs, bowls, a pair of folding fork-spoon hybrid utensils, strainer lid, sink sack, handy measurement graduations and a 1.8 L boiler while still leaving room for a stove and 230 g fuel cartridge inside. And since both boiler and lid are made of rugged, highly-conductive 18/8 (304) stainless steel, you are free to cook over the campfire, coals or just about any other heat source. Time, comfort, efficiency, performance and ultra-light weight in a system built for you and a friend, the Glacier Stainless Dualist really packs it all for you.



Sturdy lid made of Glacier Stainless® steel helps to prevents deformation of your pot/lid and includes an integrated strainer


Suitable for open flame heating sources


Folding handle locks into place for cooking and secures entire set for transport


Unique bowl + mug solution virtually eliminates spills while the insulating sleeve keeps drinks hot


Clever folding foon design compacts to just 3.7" long, but extends and locks to become a 6.1" fork-spoon hybrid


Convenient graduations molded into the pot make for easy measuring


Welded stuff sack holds set while traveling and doubles as a sink or wash basin in camp


Integrated nesting allows for ultralight stoves and fuel canisters (220/110 g)