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UST SaberCut Chainsaw PRO with pouch

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SaberCut Chainsaw PRO
الان متوفر المنشار اليدوي الاحترافي من شركة
صغير الحجم حيث يمكن الاحتفاظ به بالشنطه المرفقه معه
اسنان المنشار اليدوي تشبه اسنان منشار التقطيع الكهربائي التي تعمل على قطع اغضان الاشجار بطريقه سهله وسريعه كما يمكن استخدامه بطريقه اسهل عند ربط يدين المنشار اليدوي بحبال لزيادة المسافه علما بان شريط المسكه مصمم لراحة اليد عند التقطيع

The heavy-duty, pocketable SaberCut Chainsaw with Pouch uses a flexible, bi-directional 24-inch blade to easily saw through tree limbs and branches and cut at a variety of angles with little clearance. A great tool for backcountry travel, ultralight backpacking, and emergency preparedness, lightweight SaberCut Chainsaw features comfortable wrist straps for less stress on your hands, and you can extend your reach by adding extra cordage to each handle (rope not included).

The saw lasts indefinitely with minimal maintenance, and it can be sharpened using a standard 1/8-inch saw blade sharpener. It includes carrying case with hook-and-loop closure, weighs 4.3 ounces, and is backed by a manufacturer’s limited lifetime warranty.

SaberCut™ Chainsaw Pro Features
• Flexible, pocketable 24-Inch blade cuts at a variety of angles with little clearance; great for cutting limbs and
  branches at ground level
• Comfortable wrist straps for less stress on your hands; extend reach by adding extra cordage to each handle
  (rope not included)
• Bidirectional, non-binding chain is just like a regular chain saw; self-cleaning saw teeth last indefinitely with
  minimal maintenance
• Can be extended by simply adding extra cordage to each handle
• Includes storage carrying pouch with hook-and-loop closure for easy travel
• Lasts indefinitely with minimal maintenance
• Self-cleaning saw teeth


Item #





Peggable Box




L: 24"


4.3 oz. (122g) saw only


Lifetime Limited Warranty