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UST Stoke Kit

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UST Stoke Kit
​الاداة العملية من الشركة الامريكية
​Ultimate Survival Technologies
​يوجد بها قطعتين من القطن لسهولة اشعال النار بالاضافة لعلبة ضد الماء يوجد بها علاقة لسهولة تركيبها على الحقيبة او الملابس


The lightweight, convenient UST Stoke Kit includes everything you need to start a fire in an emergency or survival situation, including the Micro SparkWheel fire starter and two Light-Me tinder pieces. They’re stored in the compact B.A.S.E. Case 1.0, a durable anodized aluminum capsule with a screw-top cap and O-ring seal that keeps contents safe and dry until ready to use.

The Micro SparkWheel flint-based fire starter is made of durable, high-quality brass, and the kit comes with three replacement flints. The Light-Me tinder pieces are easy to light — simply tear or cut the tinder piece apart to expose the fine fibers. The B.A.S.E. Case 1.0 measures 1 x 3 inches, and the kit weighs just 1.3 ounces.


Stoke Kit Features

• Fire starting kit includes everything you need to light a fire when camping, backpacking, or in
  emergency situations
• (2) Includes Micro SparkWheel fire starter with three flint replacements; two pieces of easy-sparking
  Light-Me tinder
• Stores in durable anodized aluminum B.A.S.E. Case 1.0; O-ring seal keeps contents safe and dry
• Measures 1 x 3 inches, weighs just 1.3 ounces


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HxW: 3” x 1” (76 x 25mm)


1.3 oz. (37g)