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Emergency flashlight waterproofing promotes the development of Dixo light tents

Accessory details:

1. Magnetic base: The retractable pole is improved on the original stainless steel, the wide range is extended to 96 cm / 5m, the height of the lamp board is adjustable to expand the light beam range, the weight can be increased by 5 kg / now than a glass rod weighing 10kg heavier. Due to the overall improvement, the pressure of the stainless steel lamp column is higher and its length is wider!
2. Cigarette lighter and wire: The high temperature resistant cigarette is made of ABS material and can have a maximum current of 5A at a time, 5A fuel with pure copper spring; 5M black and white copper rod is pure copper, resistant to high temperatures and not easy to melt.
To connect the chain directly to the lamp board.
3. Light bulb: A small 8.5W light bulb can reach 960 lumens and the number of COB bulb bulbs can reach 144. In order to maintain the lamp board, AB glue is used to completely enclose the COB and IP67 aluminum foil, is completely dust-resistant, waterproof and anti-fouling to prolong life;
4. Corrective bracket: Stainless steel bracket and M4 screw are important parts for connecting the magnetic base and the lamp board. The exclusive design of the M4 head screw expands the thickness to make it easier for us to install or even prevent the loss of screws.
5. Transparent bag: size 16 * 10 * 5 cm small with high transparency and PVC rubber fabric with extremely heavy bag, 600D rubber to the floor resistant and reliable!

Program Scenarios:

What if you think you have a cell phone that can be lit without our lights?
Should your phone battery not be in contact with your family? TM-12COB small outdoor lamp installation is
a battery-free lamp that only needs to be connected to the battery or the power supply of the vehicle; It can be used to provide lighting in stage lights, car repair lights, filling lights and so on.

Product number: TM-12 COB

Product Types: Tent Lights

Chip size: 12 * 7.2CM *

LED power (W) : 20

LED: 144pcs

Net weight (kg) 0.35

SET / CTNS: 80set

Packaging: 600D durable adhesive, transparent PVC bag


1. 5Mwire + switch 

2. cigarette lighters  

3. Battery clips     

4. M4Screws + cavs 

5. Correction screw   

6. 45MM magnet                    

7. bag