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Italy Collection

  • 97.000 KD

    Viper Fearless CF PVD

    Viper Knives The partnership between Viper and Tommaso Rumici goes back to 2006 with the launch of the Fearless which had a limited production run...

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    97.000 KD
  • 88.000 KD

    Viper Turn Poplar Wood

    VP5986PI: Turn Folding Knife - Poplar Wood Viper Knives The Turn by Fabrizio Silvestrelli is a folding knife with an advanced lock-back system b...

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    88.000 KD
  • Sold out
    65.000 KD

    LionSteel M4 Santos

    The M4 is an all-around fixed blade knife that is designed for bushcrafting and wilderness survival. The ergonomic handle can be used comfortably ...

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    65.000 KD
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  • 17.000 KD

    Prandi Yankee Hatchet

    Yankee Hatchet. 19.75" overall. 6.25" carbon steel axe head with 3.5" cutting edge. American Hickory handle. Lanyard hole. 2lb head. Rubber blade...

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    17.000 KD
  • 2.000 KD

    Keychain Italy

    علاقة مفاتيح 15.24 سم 5.08 سم

    2.000 KD
  • 26.000 KD

    Spyderco Roadie

    Following the tragic events of September 11, 2001, the carry of any type of knife aboard an airplane was strictly prohibited. In early 2013, the Tr...

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    26.000 KD
  • 80.000 KD

    Spyderco SPYOPERA

    Description  The SpyOpera is a utilitarian folding knife designed by Italian custom knifemaker “Max” and originally produced by lionSTEEL®. Through...

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    80.000 KD
  • 92.000 KD

    Spyderco PATTADESE

    Description  The Pattada was a modern interpretation of the traditional resolza, the signature folding knife of the city of Pattada, Sardinia. The ...

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    92.000 KD
  • 27.000 KD


    Produced in Maniago, the Squeak SLIPIT is a Spyderco non-locking one-hand open, clip carry folder called a SLIPIT. It's designed for legally-restri...

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    27.000 KD
  • 29.000 KD

    Spyderco URBAN FRN BLACK

    Spyderco’s popular SLIPIT™ knives are non-locking folders that combine the advantages of one-hand opening and clip carry with the legal permissibil...

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    29.000 KD