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Lansky Sharpeners


  • 32.000 KD

    3-Stone Standard Diamond System

    3-Stone Diamond Knife Sharpening System The 3-Stone Diamond Controlled-Angle Sharpening System ensures that your knife edge sharpens to the exact b...

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    32.000 KD
  • 24.000 KD

    Natural Arkansas System

    Natural Arkansas Knife Sharpening System - Natural Arkansas Stone Includes a Soft Stone (300 grit equivalent), Hard Stone (650 grit equivalent), an...

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    24.000 KD
  • 16.000 KD

    Standard 3-Stone System

    Standard Controlled-Angle Knife Sharpening System The Lansky Controlled-Angle Sharpening System is a guided knife sharpening system that ensures  y...

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    16.000 KD
  • 28.000 KD

    Professional System

    Professional Controlled-Angle Knife Sharpening System Angle constancy is the most critical and the most elusive element of hand sharpening. The Lan...

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    28.000 KD